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Our Mission:
Inspire, encourage, and support women and kids to
grow, spiritually and in generosity, to the point of action, through stories of trauma, ending in hope.
Carrie Reichartz
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​​Carrie Reichartz
Attorney, educator and more

Former Rising Star lawyer and early childhood teacher. Carrie speaks and writes on various topics. Her passion is to speak on issues related to trauma/tragedy to triumph. She shares her story of trauma to triumph so girls that have been affected by rape or sexual abuse know there is life after trauma. Carrie also shares reality of life in Kenya with kids through adults in the US and around the world. She has traveled to Kenya 16+ times. Between her 2-3X a year trips to Kenya she shares her knowledge with you. Carrie speaks at libraries, schools, business groups, church groups, and other groups concerning many topics and relates Kenyan people and cultural into those presentations. Her presentations are information, interactive, interesting, and inspiring! 

Erica Berres
Educator and More

Erica speaks and writes on various topics. Her passion is helping women in abusive relationships.
She is currently working her way through law school.

Laura Danbrea
Board Member

Owns and operates All About Kids Child Care in Waterford, Wisconsin. Showing kids and their parents how important they are.