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Carrie surrounded by preschool kids
Bring Carrie to your school or organization to speak! Her book From Lawyer to Missionary: A Journey to Kenya and Back Again is inspiring and motivational. Her second book in this series is due out by March 2017. Her children's book about Kenyan colors and culture is in the illustration phase. We hope for it to be out by summer 2017.
Carrie teaching a class
Carrie also works with schools to organize fund raising projects that jointly benefit her works as well as the school's budget, through the kids directly or through the parent organization.

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Various topics and morecan be discussed and each can be tailored to your event.
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Residencies allow students to work with Carrie for an extended period of time, often to help create a new book and/or host fundraiser, or learn more in-depth about Kenyan culture or micro-finance.
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Here's What Others Are Saying

Here's What Teachers Are Saying

  1. “Carrie is a dynamic and inspiration speaker.”
  2. "Eye opening. Wealth of knowledge about Kenya’s economy, culture and her interesting story."
  3. “Carrie brought artifacts from Kenya, regional food samples, and provided hands-on activities for participants. I can safely say that all who attended enjoyed Carrie’s visit to our library, myself included.”
  4. “Her first hand knowledge, story, and examples moved me and the audience to want to make a difference.”
  1. "Good and interesting overview. Just the right amount for 2nd graders."
  2. "The students talked about your presentation long after your departure. We learned a lot and remembered a lot!"
  3. "Thank you Carrie. You were dynamic, fun, and informative."
  4. “Our 2nd graders study Africa and Carrie's presentation was a perfect summary of information. We were limited on time, due to our school schedule, would have loved to learn even more.”